How to Find the Right Bra Fit

How to Find the Right Bra Fit

For some women, bra is a necessary piece for everyday wearing; for others, it’s not that important. However, no matter how often you wear your bra, you probably have faced a problem where the underwear you bought was very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to choose the right bra for your shape and size. To avoid this problem, we share with you four tips on how to find the right fit!

Pay attention to the band

The band of your bra should give you the most support. Make sure it’s parallel to the floor and doesn’t twist on the sides or arch up on the back. And remember: the thicker the band, the more support it’ll give you. For example, this seamless wireless comfort bra has a thick wide band which is sure to give you great support.

Don’t stick to one size

It’s okay to have bras of different sizes, since different manufacturers can mark their products differently, as well as some models are significantly different from others. What you need to know, however, is your measurements in centimetres or inches, so as to always be precise while shopping.

Watch the gore

Gore is the central piece of the bra, located between two cups. It needs to always lay flat against your chest and not float off your body. If the gore doesn’t stay on your skin, you might need to consider other bra types. For example, front closure bras usually work better in such cases.

Check the underwires positioning

Wired bras offer a great support to your bust, but they can also be painfully uncomfortable. If you noticed that the underwires don’t fully enclose the breast tissue, if they’re cutting into the sides or get on top of your breasts, you’re wearing the wrong size.

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