8 Hot Garments and Accessories That You Should Try in Bed

8 Hot Garments and Accessories That You Should Try in Bed

If you want to change up your love life routine, it’s high time to try some intimate garments and accessories! They will not only impress your partner and make you more desirable, but also boost your confidence. Here’s our selection of eight such garments and accessories, take a look!

See-through lace underwear

Underwear is like a cherry on top of the cake, and this cherry should be very sweet. The ‘sweetest’ underwear you can get is laced, and it will be even more sensual if it’s a bit see-through. Nothing better than little bit of tease!

Crotchless panties

Of course, comfort should go first when it comes to everyday panties, but if you want to spice up things in bed, the best option would be crotchless panties. You can leave them on during the action, which will make you look even more alluring!

You can also add an open bra to them, and here’s a nice set of a crotchless thong and an open bra for you!


Less revealing than crotchless panties, bodystockings also look extremely hot in bed! Although almost your whole body is covered, the bodysuit itself is still very revealing, and it can also stay on during the action.

Regular-sized stockings are also great accessories that will help you spice up things, you just need to select the right design!


Instead of a regular bra, try on some pasties for your bust! There are many lovely designs available, so that you can choose the ones to match the mood.

Sexy costumes

And our final and the spiciest item is a sexy costume! You can be anyone you (and your partner) want: a sexy cop or a seductive nurse, a cheerleader or a schoolgirl. Add a wig to fully get into character and enjoy the roleplay!

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